What happens when you mix rural Canada, a mild anxiety disorder and a childhood of listening to gangster rap? 902fre’

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His entry into the independent music scene started 9 years ago, at age 14, with a pirated copy of FL Studio 9 and a Gateway laptop. It wasn’t long until he found his niche. Rap message boards put him in touch with Minnesota native sameflannel. The rest was history. [/expand]


Don’t ask him why he thought choosing the name Whose was a good idea, even he doesn’t know.

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With one of the catchiest producer tags in the game, (whose is this!) he makes any beat in any style he damn well pleases. With Ableton in one hand and an Arizona Iced Tea in the other, he crafts work for the whose camp, whoseURS., and anyone with a checkbook open. [/expand]

Cam Brown

Born in Yorkshire, England, Cam Brown immigrated to Canada in 2009.


Usually an EDM producer, Kingston brings something to the table that most producers can’t:

The ability to cross genres seamlessly.

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Born in England, but immigrating to Canada as an young teen, Kingston has been playing and creating music since the age of eight. Big Room, Future, Progessive House, and now Hip-Hop. Kingston is a natural. [/expand]


A self-appointed Croissantrepeneur and Minnesota native.

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